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I am always reading articles and researching to find better ways to travel, save money and help my clients. I really feel it is a big part of my job. My clients come to me for help and my expertise in planning their very special vacations. It is up to me to be on top of the travel industry and the best way to navigate all the information that is out there on the Internet. Of course, it seems like the tips and information is always changing, so here is the latest on the best tips and information to help us plan your next stress free and fun vacation.

When Should you Book A Flight For Holiday Travel
Looking to travel over Thanksgiving then you should look to book your flights in October and even more savings the last week of October. You will also see savings Thanksgiving week itself. Book your Christmas right around Thanksgiving. Want to spend New Year’s Eve on an island then look to book those flights the week of December 5th.

Best Day to Book A Flight
For a long time I have seen Tuesday being the best day to book a flight. It was after the “busy” weekend and airline sales agents were able to what seats were available. But, a recent study shows that WEEKENDS are actually a great time to book flights. But again, airlines are constantly changing fares, so it is a good idea to check more than once. But if you know when you are going to travel it is also a good idea to look at pricing when the airlines release their new schedule.

How Early Should You Book A Flight
If you are flying within North America, look to buy about 57 days before flying. Flying from from North America to the Asia-Pacific region, book about 160 days out. Flying to Europe, try to plan 176 day or at least 6 months in advance. When it comes to Europe and other International flights as an agent I have access to consolidator and non-published rates to offer my clients.

Bags, Bags and More Bags

How To Get Through Airport Security Lines Quickly

You need to get TSA PreCheck and even more so Global Entry. PreCheck is an $85, five-year “known traveler” membership that gets you expedited screening in U.S. airport security lines (though it may soon extend to European airlines). That means shoes stay on, laptop and toiletries stay in your carry-on, and you can bring your bottle water. But even better for $15 more, Global Entry gives you PreCheck privileges and the ability to speed through U.S. customs in minutes. I got mine this year. It was super easy. Just a heads up that everyone in your party has to have a TSA PreCheck number to use the expedited line.

My Favorite Site to Check for Best Air Prices 
I swear by ITA Software Matrix You can not purchase from this site, but you can do a broad search for flights. I also like that I can expand my search to show multiple airports which is very helpful when you live by a major city and have access to more than one. It is actually the software that Kayak and many other websites use. If you want to see Southwest or Allegiant you still have to check their sites. I also like Kayak.

Best Time To Book a Cruise
Thursdays! A survey found after reviewing over 600,000 fares that Thursdays saw a drop of up to 17% percent. Beware of Wednesday. The survey also found that Wednesday had the high

How To Avoid Roaming Charges Abroad
First make sure to do some research on what kind of international plan your phone has. Personally, I make sure to turn off my roaming and data when I am traveling International. Wifi, Wifi, Wifi I will check mail and message only when I have access to wifi. Also, I use WhatsApp? You can call, text, send photos for free as long as you have wifi. If you want to make sure you don’t have to hunt for free wifi, then buy a portable Wi-Fi hotspot like Skyroam to keep in your purse or pocket. You can pay as little as $8 a day for unlimited data in about 100 countries.

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