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by Kimberly Milnes

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I am always looking for ways to save on my client’s travel, as well as my own.   When I think about saving money, I put value at the top of my list. I believe it is best to not just see the total price, but to really look at what is included in that price.   A great example, my husband and I going to Cancun at the end of the month. Since we won’t have the kids we are OK with having a stop in our trip if it will save us money. But in the end saving $50 did not make sense when we can fly non-stop each way.

But, in the end I know we all want to save when we travel.  So, here are some tips on how to save while you are away.   As well, tips that will take the stress and hassle out of your family travel:

  1. Best time to buy plane tickets  –Tuesday Afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday are great days to check for cheaper rates. Airline sales agents will see what sold over the weekend and adjust prices on Monday, to be put in place on Tuesday. Also, prices usually will be the cheapest 6 weeks out from your travel date.  I also use the fare tracker on Kayak or Yapta to try to catch that great deal.
  2. Best days to travel – Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the cheapest days to depart and Monday the best day to return.   Weekends will most always be the most expensive days to travel.
  3. When should I book my plane ticket – one to three months before your travel dates.  As well, 6 weeks being the best time to book for many destinations. If you wait until 2 weeks before you are going to risk paying top dollar.  This is if you are flying domestic.
  4. Fly Non Stop – Especially when traveling with a baby or toddler.  If the cost is minimal, take the leap and save the added travel hours, possible loss of luggage or missing a connection.  It can certainly be worth the extra cost.
  5. Stop for Snacks –  Have your driver/taxi make a stop at the local grocery store to stock up on water, juice and snacks.  The few extras dollars on the taxi meter can certainly save you a lot at the resort.   Remember you can also bring water on board your cruise as well.
  6. Best Time of  Year To Cruise –   September and October, but to really save look for when the cruise lines open pricing for the next year, you can really save, or book at least six to nine months in advance.
  7. Bring a Water Bottle – I suggest bringing a water bottle for everyone in the family, as well one with a built in filter.  If you like a little flavor in your water, then pack some drink packs of Crystal Light, Hawaiian Punch or Snapple. I have seen boxes of these in the $1 bin at Target.
  8. Save on your Rental Car – Along with comparing rates on sites like Kayak,  make sure to search for coupons and additional discounts. A quick Google search can find you some great savings. Also, if you are open to it, find a rental location away from the airport.
  9. Bring Your EZ Pass – If you are renting a car, you might be able to use your EZ pass.  I have used mine all the way to Florida and also to Chicago.  The rental company will charge you a daily fee for the pass.
  10. Go With The Flow – Remember you are on vacation. Do not over plan your trip, be open to going a different direction.  When traveling with kids they may be having a bad day, so be open to changing your plans or maybe just hanging at the pool.

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