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By Kimberly Milnes

Become a Sorcerer’s Apprentice at Magic Kingdom

Later this month,  the new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game will debut. You will be able to do battle with the sinister and conniving  Disney villains who are out to take over the Magic Kingdom.  If it is anything like Kim Possible at Epcot, I know my son is going to have a blast.  I have to say that I might have to participate as well.   Read more

By Kimberly Milnes

Hitchin’ a Ride – Stroller Rental at Disney

Well, we are planning a trip to Disney World in December and I started thinking about strollers.  Right now we just have a sit and stand stroller for the boys, which is great for the mall and short days.   But for the long Disney days,  I want to have a seat for them both to sit and be comfortable, take  a nap, etc.

My oldest is 5, and through much trial and error I have found out it is worth having a stroller for him when there is a lot of walking.  It is certainly something to consider and can make for a happier time for all when you don’t have a crabby kid or have to carry them out of the park, on the bus and then to the room.  So, I started looking in to renting a stroller.   Read more