By Kimberly Milnes

Have Baby Stuff Will Travel

Besides flying, I think one of the biggest hurdles of traveling with little ones is all the “stuff” you have to bring.  There are diapers, strollers, bottles, food/snacks, high chairs, toys, etc. etc.  Who wants to have to lug all that “stuff”, especially when we are being charged extra bag fees.

I always suggest to my clients to send a box ahead to your resort or vacation destination with the baby or toddler supplies you will need while away.  It will save you on bag fees, but more importantly it saves you having to push/carry everything from home, to the airport, to your transfer, and then to the resort. No wonder many of you would just rather just stay home.  Well, I think you deserve to be able to get away, relax, reconnect and create those amazing family vacation memories.  While Adventures By Kim is here to take the stress out of planning your vacation. I am always on the look out for great business that will make it easier for families to get away.

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