By Kimberly Milnes

New Carry-On Bag Rules – Don’t Get Stuck Paying Another Fee!


Since airlines introduced the “Check Bag Fee”, many of you have been packing light or trying to stuff it all in to your carry-on bag. ¬†Well, recently many of the airlines introduced new size restrictions for carry-on bags. That means if your bag does not meet the new size restrictions you will have to check the bag and pay that $25 fee. ¬†Even, worse if you have already checked a bag you might have to pay an additional $35, $40 or even $100, depending on where you are flying. It is CRAZY.

The biggest change is the width of the bag. It is now down to 14 inches, but most carry-on bags are 15 inches. So, as we approach the big Summer travel season I wanted to make sure you know the new rules so you can avoid being charged another fee.

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