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by Kimberly Milnes

Well, after a lot of laundry, packing and getting things in order yesterday, it was an early morning and a surprisingly quick ride to Laguardia airport.  I love it when the traffic Gods are looking down on me.  We checked in at the curb and bypassed the line inside to make our way to security. I have to say for a small tip to the Curbside attendant it is well worth it when you have kids, a stroller and all that luggage.

Another great surprise was the Delta Terminal D at  Laguardia.  It really is amazing.  First,was the offering of food, from Pat La Frieda burgers, Balthazar pastries and sandwiches, and some great sit down restaurants. No real fast food to be found. Also, some cute shops, though I was looking for the Duty Free. Check out this picture of the table at one of the restaurants that had an Ipad menu and a credit card swiper to pay at your convenience.

Speaking of Ipads they were everywhere. I was amazed.  There were tables that you could sit at use the Ipad with plugs to charge phone or computer.  They were free to use for some basic services.

The boys were checking out the Ipads.  Colin was playing games while Dad was reading the news. These are some of the tables at the gate. Love it, now we need this at Newark

After a nice flight, with some empty seats and a little nap we made our way to Nassau, Bahamas.  Yeah.  They are still working on the new terminal so it was a hike to get our bags.  This is where bringing the stroller came in handy.  I had secured our taxi/driver before our arrival, it was so nice to get off the plane and have driver waiting.   I highly suggest always making sure to get your transfers set up before your travel.

We also made a stop at a local grocery store.  One of the most expensive items at Atlantis and on the island is food and drinks.  So we always stop to get water and juice. I do pack some snacks and juice as well.

Our first day of vacation was a success.  After getting settled in our room it was off to check out the fish, an early dinner and dip in the pool.

Stay tuned for our further adventures here at Atlantis.   I am ready for some sun, fun and maybe a little gambling and maybe a massage, if I am lucky in the casino.

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