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By Kimberly Milnes

Lake Placid – A Gold Medal Family Vacation

Since our boys were in summer school this year we needed to stay close to home.  But still wanting to get away, we decided to hit the road and take a long weekend up in Lake Placid. We had never been this far north, so we were excited to check out a new destination close to home.

We packed up the car and headed North up Interstate 87. Once you exit off of 87 you begin to drive the 28 beautiful and scenic miles in to Lake Placid.  I would suggest making sure to drive in during the daylight hours to be able to really take in all the beauty.  There are many areas along the road to stop for photos, check out the river that runs along the highway or even take a little hike to stretch your legs.

Lake Placid is an idyllic small town, which is actually on Mirror Lake.  The downtown area is full of wonderful local shops and restaurants. The kids favorite was the candy store, A Pinch or a Pound. I found some amazing olive oil and specialty salts at Saratoga Olive Oil. As well, you can check out the Olympic Center “Home of the Miracle on Ice” and the  Lake Placid Olympic Museum. The Olympic center also offers you an opportunity to see Olympic figure skating hopefuls and past Olympians perform every Saturday night during the summer.


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By Kimberly Milnes

Bubble Bum

I found this amazing new portable booster seat the Bubble Bum and I had to share.  When I traveled this summer with my boys I had to lug 2 car eats with me. It was such a pain to have to handle the seats, along with the boys and all our luggage.  It would have been so much easier if I found this easy to use booster seat.  As well I think that along with using it in rental cars, you could have it for taxi rides or even on a bus.

The seat is lightweight and compact, you can shove it in your carry-on bag and you are ready to go. When you are ready to use it you just blow it up. The seat is made for kids 4-11 years old, weighing 40-100 lbs.  and up to 57″ inches.

The Bubble Bum starts at $39.99 and also comes in Black/Silver.

I will continue my search for new and helpful gadgets and gear to help make your new family road trip or vacation that much easier and hassle free.

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Lake Placid – A Gold Medal Family Vacation