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By Kimberly Milnes

Mickey Says, Thanks for Coming!

Look at what I got in the mail today!  So very cool.







It is a Thank You card from Mickey and Friends.  It is hard to read in the photo, but it says:

Milnes Family,

From all your Disney pals, we hope you created magical memories during your visit to Walt Disney World Resort in 2011.

The card inside is on a special laminated paper, so it is a great keepsake.  I have to say that Disney really does realize it is the little things that mean so much and I have to agree.

When I am working with a family to plan their vacation I  make sure to pay attention to the all the details, both small and large to make it a most amazing vacation.  I will go that extra mile to help find the right resort, special dinner reservation,  really whatever you need to make it a vacation to remember.

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By Kimberly Milnes

Hitchin' a Ride – Stroller Rental at Disney

Well, we are planning a trip to Disney World in December and I started thinking about strollers.  Right now we just have a sit and stand stroller for the boys, which is great for the mall and short days.   But for the long Disney days,  I want to have a seat for them both to sit and be comfortable, take  a nap, etc.

My oldest is 5, and through much trial and error I have found out it is worth having a stroller for him when there is a lot of walking.  It is certainly something to consider and can make for a happier time for all when you don’t have a crabby kid or have to carry them out of the park, on the bus and then to the room.  So, I started looking in to renting a stroller.   Read more