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by Kimberly Milnes

My fabulous husband surprised our family and the Grandma’s with an Atlantis vacation at Christmas.  We had been to Atlantis before and always had a great time, both as a couple and with the kids.

Well, we packed up the sun screen and family and headed down to Nassau, Bahamas.  It is an easy flight from the NYC area. I try not to fly longer than 3 hours with the boys at this age to keep my sanity. We flew Continental, soon to be United, though I have to say I prefer Jet Blue.  Jet Blue, has bigger seats, more leg room, snacks and free TV. Also, it may just be my behind, but Continental seems to have the smallest seats around.  

However, just like all the other airlines they charge for just about everything else.  I wanted to have a little more room since we were with the kids, so I paid the $39 per seat to fly on the Left bulkhead.  If I wanted the right bulkhead it would have been $69 each seat. What is up with that?  I asked why the difference, but of course no one seemed to have an answer. But, it was nice to have no bag fee since we were flying International.

One plus for Continental is the new food on the flights.  You have to pay, but I would rather pay $7 for a nice cheese and fruit plate, then eat that vacuum sealed ” burger” they used to try to force on you.  But, when I travel with the kids I always have back up food, a bag full of snacks and drinks.  You never know if you are going to be delayed on the plane.  I am prepared for 15 minute intervals of eating or getting out the new Family Dollar toys to get through the flight with happy kids.  Also, the $1 bins at Target are great for plane treats.

We arrived safe and sound at the new US terminal in Nassau.   I have to say the new terminal is beautiful.  It is a BIG change from the old airport, which really had no amenities, besides a cafeteria style stand with horrible food and a gift shop.  Though they had added a Dunkin’ Donuts a few years ago.  The new terminal has some great gift shops, a really good food court and even a little play area for the kids.  One problem on arrival was that you had to walk a 5K from the jetway to our luggage.  The baggage claim for now is in the old terminal, but that will change soon.  But, hey they still have the Barcardi stand in the baggage claim if you need a cocktail.




Atlantis does not offer transfers so we had to plan our own ride to the hotel.  My husband found a great taxi driver online, Jermaine Messam. Check out his site for more info. He was waiting for us when we arrived and we  headed to Atlantis.  If it is your first time to Nassau, it is best to set up transfers from the US to have them waiting for you at the airport, as it is a confusing sea of people and cars. Another option is,  Viator which allows you to book transfers in advance.  If not walk out and get a taxi, it will be  about $40 from airport to Atlantis.

Once we were on our way to Atlantis I felt our vacation had finally begun.  Paradise Island here we come.

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  • Elizabeth
    3:14 PM - 8 February, 2013

    Hi Kim – next time you visit Atlantis, be sure to get your groceries delivered to your hotel. Saves a lot of time and money too vs expensive hotel snacks and restaurant meals. FoodStore2Go is the grocery delivery service in Bahamas for Atlantis.

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