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by Kimberly Milnes


When I am trying to get me, the kids, the house, animals and my husband ready for a vacation I feel like I have a million things to do and make sure happens.  As well, I always feel like I am forgetting something. Since I am deep in my list this week getting ready to get away I thought I would share my top “to do” items. 1. Stop You Mail Delivery

If you will be away more than a few days I suggest stopping your mail.  It is super easy to do online  no need for an extra trip to the post office. If you have family or friends who can stop by collect your mail for you than that might be an option.   Also put a hold on your newspaper delivery

2. Vacation For Your Pets

We have a dog and 2 cats so this is always an issue for us. We have a great pet sitter that I found on DogVacay. There are many great licensed and bonded people who can watch them in their home and as well are usually less expensive then a regular kennel.

3. Travel Insurance

Did you buy it?  Remember if you are traveling outside the country your personal medical insurance most likely will not be accepted should something happen.  As well, make sure you are covered for any delays, lost luggage, etc.

4. Passports

Did you know that if your passport is within 6 months of expiring you can be denied entry. Many foreign countries, have this policy.  It is important to check your passports when you are starting to plan your trip.  As an agent, this is something I make sure to check for my clients.  Also leave a copy with someone at home, in case you lose or your passport is stolen.

5. Credit Cards

Make sure to let your credit card company know you will be traveling. The bank could put a hold on your account if they start to see charges from a foreign country or different state thinking it might be fraud.

6. Travel Documents

First please make sure to read through your documents.  Also make sure to leave a copy of your itinerary with someone at home.  Do not pack them in your luggage.  Make sure you have them with you.

7. Adjust The Thermostat

Save money and not heat/cool and empty house.  If you don’t turn it off then I suggest adjusting the temperature.

8. Dishwasher

I put all the last dirty dishes in and run a last load.  When I get back they are clean and ready to be put away.

9. Lights On A Timer

I put a few lights on timer switches just to make it look like someone is home.

10. Garbage

Make sure to make a check through the house for garbage.  It is not fun to come home to a stinky house. As well, I will clean out the fridge of anything that will go bad while we are away.

11. Grocery Delivery

It is no fun to come home and have to run to the store right away. How about setting up a delivery of the basics like bread, milk, eggs, etc.   This way you have them to tide you over until you can settle in and make a trip to the store.

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